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We are constantly extending our offers to new destinations and will continue to “tailor-make” our travels to meet the high expectations of our clients.

The following examples are to give you an idea of our offers:

Jordan – Where Adventure Awaits You
Country of the rock city, Petra, the baptism site and the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea.

Welcome to Jordan, a young country with a history as old as time, a bridge between sea and desert, east and west. On top of the layers of the antique you will find a land of fascinating beauty and big contrasts: The Jordan valley, fruitful and in continous change, desert canyons, endless and peaceful. Here you will find beautiful castles and the wilderness of Wadi Rum, the reefs of the Red Sea, and relaxing resorts. Further you will find monuments from all times of human history and of course Petra, the rock city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Finland – Magic of the North
Country of the Northern Light, the Midnight Sun and the Thousand Lakes. If you value hospitality, trust and friendship meet the Fins. If you long for natural beauty and relaxation, go to their country. And discover a land and people composed of many cultures. Five million people and just as many tales.

From the capital Helsinki through the terrain of the thousands lakes to the islands world of the archipelago, we would like to share with you the many facets of fascinating Finland. Or cross the Arctic Circle and enter the land of the Lapps, of vast wilderness, panning for gold, fresh air, deep snow and the Northern Lights. Let the reindeers pull you on a sleigh or drive yourself on a snow-mobile through the snow.

Sri Lanka – Image of a Paradise
Country of Adams Peak, the Worlds End & the Three Wheelers Race. Sri Lanka, the tropical island in the Indian Ocean situated at the southern tip of India, with sunny blue skies above and the warm blue sea all around, is everybody's idea of paradise.

Although it is small, the island has much to offer. Sandy shores with shady coconut palms on secluded beaches. Then there is a natural wonderland to explore - jungles and wildlife, with fascinating animals. Finally, there is Sri Lanka`s thousand-year-old Culture, preserved to this day in the facinating ruins of the old royal cities. The highland tea plantations, the Buddhist monks and their temples and remains of the colonial past all add to make this island the paradise we all look for.

Tibet – Roof of the world
Country of the Dalai Lama, the highest peak on Earth, the Mount Everest. Perched on the roof of the world, nestled between Nepal & China, it rises nearly five kilometers above sea level.

The once Buddhist kingdom locked away in its mountain vastness of the Himalayas is a unique destination. The very name evokes feelings of awe and mystery. It is a land of an ancient Buddhist Culture, awesome landscapes, artistic Monasteries, exotic cities, hidden valleys and centuries - old caravan trails.

And more Destinations
BIT Travel Solutions works & offers other destinations:

Vietnam, Indo China ( Laos, Cambodia ), Thailand & Myanmar - North Italy (Parma, Mantua & Piedmont) & Sicily - Athens & Crete - Rajasthan & Karla, Nepal & Tibet - Middle East, North Africa, Egypt & Saudi Arabia - The Levant I (Israel, Palestine, Syria & Jordan) - Patagonia, Antarctic & arctic circle - Iran, Azerbaijan & Georgia - Kamchatka & Much more

We, at BIT Travel Solutions are continuously exploring more unique locations to serve & offer our clients more destinations with Insider Know-How. Also & upon client request, BIT Travel Solutions will Tailor-Make travel solutions world-wide to meet your specific travel needs.

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