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Private Travel

You are a group of friends or partners and colleagues, an association or a cultural club, a private school or university department – we will organize your Travel Experience!!

Tailor-made Travel Solutions are our specialty. This means you decide when to travel, with whom, where, for how long and how much money you intend to spend. Together we will agree on highlights of your trip and types of activities you wish your program to include.

BIT Travel Solutions will create, design and provide all the details for the ideal travel program for you. Our Time Travel Experiences always include a combination of culture, adventure and luxury according to your own personal needs and desires. Our little extras will delight you throughout your journey. Contact us and we will create an unequalled experience for you.

The following samples are intended to demonstrate some of the services and programs we offer and to show you what kinds of customers BIT Travel Solutions has served and is presently serving.

Finland: Northern Light and Arctic Circle
Client: Schwaben-land-bank
Programe: Excursion for the directors and managing executives
Participants: 24
Duration: 03 - 04 days

It is an extraordinary phenomenon, you can observe in the Arctic. It is always there, a guarantee you will actually see it, is not.

The group spent an excellent first night in the Arctic. After dinner the group drove out into the darkness, away from the city and its lights. In the clear night the spectacle could be experienced. Mysterious blue and green electric light and its reflections on the snow underneath our feet where part of an unforgettable experience.

Sri Lanka: Culture and Adventure
Client: Circle of Friends from Ravensburg and Bad Waldsee
Programme: Holiday Trip
Participants: 8
Duration: 10 days

In a fantastic roundtrip BIT Travel Solutions combined many facets of this fascinating country:

Travel around the ancient royal city of Kandy, see tea plantations in the highlands of Nuwara Eliya and spice gardens hidden in the hills. Discover impressive Buddha-statues and encounter Buddhist monks. Be prepared for a jungle Safari as well as beach enjoying beautiful beaches, for “fun rafting” and “world’s end”. Accommodation in colonial style and exclusive hotels finally make this Timetravel an unforgettable Experience.

Levant (Jordan, Libanon, Syria) and Saudi Arabia: Irrigation Systems
Client: Agrozirkel – A group of farmers from Germany and Austria
Programme: Annual information-gathering trip to different agricultural cultivation areas of the world
Participants: 16
Duration: 11 days

The main purpose of this trip was to familiarize the participants with the agricultural practices of this region. The Service offered by BIT Travel Solutions included an additional program for accompanying spouses, the formalities of the travel arrangements (Visa, etc.) as well as the planning and realisation of the appointments and farm visits. Different leisure activities and sightseeing were also part of the program.

Tibet: Above the clouds
Client: St. Moritz Group – business people and colleagues from Germany, Switzerland and the US
Programme: Informal meeting for networking
Participants: 18
Duration: 13 days

The group wished for a private destination, far from urban civilisation, yet safe and extraordinary. The same group had already been to the Arctic in the preceding year and chose to travel to Tibet.

The route via Nepal was taken, instead of the more complicated passage through China. Lhasa, at a height o 5000 meter above sea level, was agreed to be the meeting and acclimation point for this exceptional encounter. Although conquering Mount Everest was not planned, an expedition to Base Camp 02, together with a local support team, and yaks as luggage carriers, were part of this unique programme.

Jordan: Desert and Seas
Client: Lawyers Schwarzkopf and Partners
Programme: Annual meeting of partners and shareholders/business meeting
Participants: 36
Duration: 7 days

After spending an evening in Amman’s historic centre, followed by a private dinner in the 2000-year old roman theatre in the midst of the city’s heart, the next day comes along with and entirely different world in the desert of Wadi Rum. Here, in the desert, every participant can experience what fascinated Lawrence of Arabia. And just like him we will spend the desert nights in traditional Bedouin tents.

Yet another highlight awaits us in the rose-coloured rock city of Petra. Here, on hidden trails where other visitors seldom set foot, we will explore this city, that has been carved out of rocks by the Nabataeans. The following day finds us abseiling in a waterfall – in the middle of the desert. And it is only the beginning of a breathtaking day with the potential to let adrenalin rush through your body. The next one-and a-half days we spend in the best resort on either shore of the Dead Sea and relax.

JORDAN CAMP – the fun side learning
Client: Private International School from Switzerland
Programme: School curriculum travel programme / Interactive discovery of history and culture
Participants: 32
Duration: 7 days

Through observation and interaction with the local environment, students discover this beautiful country and its people, whether they visit Bedouins in the desert or a bean farmer in the Jordan Valley.
The group of students have to perform various tasks in order to complete each stage of the trip; be it collecting common stones, sketching a Byzantine Church, or bargaining in the local market.

This trip takes them to a Roman theatre and ancient ruins, a fortress in Ajlun and the Dana Nature Reserve and Village. The group visits the lowest point on earth 400 m below sea level at the Dead Sea. At Umm Qais and Rasas they wander through an ancient Byzantine village, inspect a tower of 15m hight used by early Christian monks and view the earliest mosaic map of the Holy Land. The ancient 2000 year old rock City of Petra is the final stop on this educational tour of an ancient land full of history. Students enjoy some time to relax at Aqaba the Red Sea Resort and then get a taste of adventure in the desert of Wadi Rum.

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